nano beer fest

2017 Nano Beer Fest

The 2017 Nano Beer Fest is here! April 21-22, 2017 at Johns Marketplace in Multnomah Village (SW Portland). Friday 2PM-10PM (Industry/VIP 1PM-2PM Friday), Saturday Noon-10PM.

Participating 2017 Nano Brewers:

Ridgewalker Brewing - Forest Grove, OR

NE IPA - 60 IBUs, 7.0% ABV
A cloudy, golden IPA with judicious amounts of Columbus, Cascade and Mosaic hops. Juicy and Fruity.

Noctilucent Stout - 28 IBUs, 6.5% ABV
A full bodied American Stout with a heavy chocolate and roasted barley backbone.

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Beaverton, OR 97007

Ridgewalker Brewing is dedicated to the precipice, to the ridge, to the challenge. We strive to make great beer for the great people of the Northwest, who are so inspired and motivated by the natural world.

Leikam Brewing - Portland, OR

Front Line Pale Ale - 50 IBUs, 6.0% ABV
The wonder of Cascade, Columbus and Nugget hops create a solid beer with a little bite that flows into hop flavor.

CPA CDA - 65 IBUs, 6.8% ABV
Dedicated to CPAs and everyone else out there putting in the long hours. Dark barley and tasty hops bring the best of both the dark and hoppy worlds. The addition of red wheat provides a fuller body than traditional IPAs.

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No tasting room.

Leikam Brewing is Portland's first Community Supported Brewery (CSB). CSB memberships offer growler fills and access to batches not available to the public. In addition, every beer from Leikam Brewing is certified kosher. Great beers, you can't help but Leikam.

Back Pedal Brewing - Portland, OR

Wildwood Witch - 60 IBUs, 6.8% ABV
Pine and citrus hops meet chocolate and caramel malts. Redolent and fresh like a walk along the Wildwood trail of Forest Park

Abacaxi - Ah-bah-ca-shi (Portuguese for Pineapple) Pineapple Hef - 30 IBUs, 5.1% ABV
A fruity play on American Hefeweizen, a style pioneered by our neighbors across the river at Widmer. The malt for this beer is over 50% German Wheat for a very soft and quaffable finish. A large dose of Pineapple dances with Amarillo hops, which help double down on tropical vibes.

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(971) 400-5950
1425 NW Flanders St, Portland, OR 97209

Hey Portlanders, welcome to PDX's smallest nanobrewery! Come say hi, and try one of our new specially crafted brews.

Gateway Brewing - Portland, OR

Mahogany Lager - 20 IBUs, 5.25% ABV
First US beer to use Sacchara-50 malt. Balanced with Chinook & Cascade hops.

Weidler Wheat - 28 IBUs, 6.4% ABV
Hopped with Citra hops. Our take on an American Hefeweizen.

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114 NE 133rd Ave, Portland, OR 97230

Based in Portland and launched in 2015, Gateway Brewing invites you to come on over. Founder and head brewer Joel Sheley, brings more than 16 years of industry expertise in roles from brewing through bottling. Available in bars and restaurants around Portland, Gateway beers celebrate the session, relaxing with friends, winding down with coworkers or dining out any night of the week.

Three Mugs Brewing - Hillsboro, OR

Damsel's Raspberry Desire - 14.7 IBUs, 6.5% ABV
A beautiful blonde... light, delicious, desirable. But, what lies beneath this demure exterior will shock the senses. The delicate aroma of white chocolate and raspberries hit the nose. Take a sip...light, malty sweetness bathes the palate, and then comes the raspberries dipped in white chocolate with a hint of sweetness

Tongue Smack IPA - 70 IBUs, 7.0% ABV
The big hop aroma is the prelude to the tasty attack. The first is a light tap that hits your tongue with 70 lBUs of bitter alpha acids. Then, the backhand comes around to hit your tongue with resinous citrus, pine and fruit hop flavors. Our secret combination of Northwest and New Zealand hops will slap your taste buds silly!

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2020 NW Aloclek Dr, Suite 108 Hillsboro, OR 97124

Three Mugs Brewing Company: Awesome beers, awesome friends! Family-owned & operated, we have fun brewing a wide range of beer styles & experimental brews…come join the party!

Hop Haus Brewing - Gresham, OR

Road Runner Rye - Smokey Rye Ale - 47 IBUs, 5.7% ABV
Subtle smoky sweet with balanced malt and late addition hops.

Fruit Fly Berry Wheat - 28 IBUs, 5.0% ABV
American wheat ale with blueberry, raspberry and blackberries adding a clean, fruity, slightly sweet finish.

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No tasting room - appointment only.

Hop Haus Brewing is a local nano brewery located in Gresham Oregon creating small batch quality standard beer styles and exploring specialty beers which incorporate various additions including fruits, spices, and other fun ingredients.

Wolf Tree Brewery - Seal Rock, OR

Fog Belt Double IPA - 80 IBUs, 9.5% ABV
Much like the mist that sits along our coastal forest our tropical hopped Double IPA has a cloudy glow and a sweet malt balance. A good counterpart to have when you are hunkered down watching the storm roll through.

Barrel Aged Spruce Tip Ale - 25 IBUs, 7.8% ABV
We took out flagship ale, tucked it away in Pinot Noir barrels for over a year and refermented with Brettanomyces. The result? An earthy, tannic nose followed by slightly tart, sweet fruit notes with an oak backbone. This beer will continue to develop as it ages, the Brett and spruce tip flavors becoming more prevalent. (Tart Cherry, Oak, caramel malts)

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199 N. Wolkau Rd, Seal Rock, OR 97376

Wolf Tree Brewery is located along Beaver Creek, on a working cattle ranch in Seal Rock, Oregon. The brewery produces beer made from the finest ingredients, including natural spring water from the coastal forests on the ranch and hops grown on the property. The flagship beer, Spruce Tip Ale is made by using spruce tips harvested from Sitka Spruce trees located on the property. The name "Wolf Tree" is also associated with our Spruce Tip Ale. A wolf tree is a forestry term used to describe the biggest tree in the forest, and Sitka Spruce trees are generally the largest trees along this stretch of the coast range. Our mission is to craft unique and distinctive beers that encompass the ranch and surrounding coastal forests.

High Five Cider - Portland, OR

Strawbasaurus Hop - 6.9% ABV
Off-Dry Strawberry Hopped Cider. Bright strawberry cider dry hopped with Sorachi Ace hops.

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Brewery 26 - Portland, OR

Cully IPA - 80 IBUs, 6.8% ABV
Bright, hop filled IPA

Silent Rock Stout - 55 IBUs, 7.2% ABV
Oatmeal and dark malts combine to bring a balance of smoothness and rich dark flavors with a clean finish.

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Fringe Meadery - Portland, OR

Orange Cardamom - 8.5% ABV
Fresh orange peel rides high on gentle waves of toasted cardamom + honey.

Laissez - Pear - 8.5% ABV
Northwest pears from the autumn harvest bathe in orange blossom honey, cinnamon, nutmeg +cloves to warm the soul.

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Funhouse Brews - Portland, OR

Jamaican Wizard - 52 IBUs, 6.8% ABV
A Hybrid-wet saccharification process builds a 10% crystal malt bill, along with 5% lightly smoked barley (cherry wood) and 18% Rye with continuously-hopped Citrus-forward New Zealand hops.

Squirrel Riot - 28 IBUs, 5.6% ABV
Inspired by South England Browns, freshly toasted Maris Otter malt comes right out of the oven and straight into the mash, capturing a one-of-a-kind baked freshness. Rolled oats and a hint of chocolate malt meld with Northwest Ale Yeast and East Kent Golding Hops to round out the malty aspect of this especially handcrafted ale.

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Moonshrimp Brewing - Portland, OR

Starlight White (gluten free white ale) - 25 IBUs, 5.5% ABV
A very light summery beer with a touch of crisp sweetness rounded out with coriander and citrus notes. Light and refreshing.

Negative Space (gluten free dark pale ale) - 40 IBUs, 6.0% ABV
A dark colored, light tasting ale perfect for a long evening outside.

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Tuebor Brewing - Portland, OR

Seize the Saison - 25 IBUs, 6.0% ABV
Lemony and bright, semisweet, slightly

Hobbes - Sour Pale - 40 IBUs, 4.8% ABV
Slightly sour citrus, hop forward.

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Kaiser Brewing Co - Forest Grove, OR

Wheeze The Juice (NE IPA) - 6.0% ABV
Hazy, cloudy in appearance. Aroma gives bright grapefruit, stonefruit character. Taste is soft and mildy "juicy" with fruit flavors to make it a very enjoyable, easy drinking IPA.

Kb Red Ale - 28 IBUs, 7.0% ABV
Irish red ale. Low to no hop aroma. Toasted malt character. Roasted barley and light caramel.

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Woodbox Cider Co - Portland, OR

Pippin Dry - 7.4% ABV
Subtle apple blossom aromas. Bright acid up front, then crisp green apple, followed by lingering complexities on bone dry finish.

Heritage 8 Imperial Dry - 8.1% ABV
Rounded complex apple, minerals, slight spice and long complex finish. Completely dry.

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Pints Brewing Co - Portland, OR

Smoked Helles - 22 IBUs, 5.4% ABV
Beachwood smoked German malts balanced with crisp hop notes and smooth lagering.

Hoppy Saison - 55 IBUs, 6.9% ABV
Tropical fruits, peach and citrus notes with the classic Saison background.

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Heavily Brewing, LLC - Portland, OR

Serious Ginger Beer - 0 IBUs, 0% ABV
Massive amounts of fresh ginger, lime, and spices with a touch of natural agave nectar. The perfect spacer on a beer odyssey!

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Waltz Brewing - Forest Grove, OR

Pastor Rudi's Pale - single hop Pale Ale - 6.3% ABV
Resinous pine. Citrus peel. Lemon grass. Simple grain profile with American 2 row as a backbone using Vienna to add body and depth and a touch of crystal 40 for a bit of sweetness

Coffee Porter - 23 IBUs, 5.8% ABV
Dark Chocolate, Crème, Rich Espresso, Roasted Malts

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Pono Brewing - Portland, OR

Pineapple Express Kölsch - 12 IBUs, 4.9% ABV
A delicious Kölsch style beer with malt from Germany and real pineapple creating a balanced beer with slight pineapple aroma and flavor that goes well with food and by itself. Was it named after the weather pattern or the movie? Only Josh knows! (Winner of the Widmer Collaborator Award 2011 and 2nd Place at Portland Spring Beer and Wine Festival 2016)

Tropic Thunder Tart IPA - 62 IBUs, 6.2% ABV
A unique and refreshing twist on an American favorite. We combine a west coast style IPA with the wonderful flavors and aroma you would find on a vacation to the South Pacific or the Caribbean! Despite what your taste buds tell you, there are is no fruit in this beer. The flavors and aromatics all come from both the hops and our special yeast blend courtesy of the great people over at Imperial Organic Yeast in Portland, OR. All of the ingredients are locally grown in the Northwest.

El Garrote IPA - 70 IBUs, 6.9% ABV
This bad boy comes in at 6.9% ABV and 70 IBU and will quickly win over the palate of IPA fans. Packed with Simcoe, Mosaic, Centennial and Cascade hops. Beautiful notes of tangerine in the nose and the taste.
Mystery Style

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Shattered Oak Brewing - Oregon City, OR

Childs Play IPA - 60 IBUs, 6.0% ABV
Smooth, well balanced IPA with heavy grapefruit nose and taste. Brewed with Eldorado, Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

Roggenbier - 14 IBUs, 5.0% ABV
Rye Bavarian ale with notes of spice and banana.

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Batch 1 Brewing - Oregon City, OR

Petal'R - 0 IBUs, 8.6% ABV
Orange Blossom Mead with the essence of dry petal’d roses and a citrus honey notes.

MANGOsa' - 0 IBUs, 9.6% ABV
A semi sweet all natural unfiltered hard cider with an inviting Mango nose and taste that has a slight natural sour finish.

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Deception Brewing - Dundee, OR

Apricot Cream Ale - 19 IBUs, 4.6% ABV
Light, smooth, easy drinking, subtle fruit.

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Little Dipper Brewing - Battle Ground, WA

North Sky IPA - 80+ IBUs, 6.5% ABV
Classic IPA base malts cleanly fermented with copious quantities of Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade and Citra hops. I final addition of macerated lemons and Oregon meadowfoam honey create a treat for your taste buds that goes beyond a typical IPA.

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Ethereal Meads - Battle Ground, WA

Grumpy Troll - 6.75% ABV
Wild-soured berry mead. Blackberry flower honey, raspberries, blackberries, meadowfoam honey. Tart & dry.

FOXY - 6.75% ABV
Strawberry-cranberry session mead. Semi-dry.

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Brewed By Gnomes - Portland, OR

Seducer of Virility - Cardamom Orange Belgian Pale - 40 IBUs, 5.35% ABV
Fruity, floral notes balance the spice, layered with Belgian esters.

Bringer of Dreams - Fennel Mugwort Brown Ale - 10 IBUs, 5% ABV
Brown fennelophillic substrate upon which Artemisian night dances play.

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Green Dragon Brew Crew - Portland, OR

Spring Porter - 35 IBUs, 7.5% ABV
A deliciously robust porter, full flavored without the roast of a stout.

Belgian Rose - 18 IBUs, 6.5% ABV
A bright, red-hued Belgian ale brewed with Medusa, Hallertau, and Saaz hops, complimented by rose peony tea leaves for a subtle, floral note.

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Agrarian Ales - Eugene, OR

Dew Drop - 5.2% ABV
Like "Waking up as the rooster's crow and stepping out of the yurt standing on the porch while taking a big deep breath as you watch the sun peaking over the cascade mountain range glistening off the fresh dew that's covering the grassy field in front of you as you stretch out your arms and embrace the day knowing it is one to look forward to" that.

G-nome G-nectar - 7.2% ABV
While prepping the fields for spring, we had noticed tiny footprints leading towards the barn. Curiosity led us to follow the trail which led to the far side of the herb garden, where we found a group of Gnomes laying around and laughing in a patch of coriander. By their side sat tulips filled with an intriguing liquid. After a thimble size taste we found amazement in the gripping herbal essence. It was apparent that the Belgian yeast (la Chouffe) had faced the Challenger of a hop and won itself a golden Nugget delight. Perfect for fading away into the breeze of a warm summer day.

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About Our Event

  • Started back in 2008, the Nano Beer Fest began at Max's Fanno Creek where the owners were looking for a way to showcase the local small brewers who were coming on the scene. 9 years later it has grown to a bi-annual event featuring 30+ beers, ciders, meads and soft beverages made by some of the most inventive and newest members of the local craft industry! Join us to celebrate (and meet) these rising stars!